A male dancer was hit by Sunmi’s hand but showed unexpected reaction

Sunmi and her dancers have performed a new song on the familiar YouTube channel.

On September 4th, Sunmi returned to the Kpop race with the mini-album “WARNING” and the title track “Siren”. This song became the next hit of the former Wonder Girls member, won the title “Perfect All-Kill” on September 9th.

On September 11th, “Siren” dance video performed by Sunmi and the dancers in the familiar “Relay Dance” section of the YouTube M2 channel was posted. Notably, a male dancer standing behind Sunmi was accidentally hit by her fingers right at his face as she performed the dance.

After that, the male dancer was clearly in pain, but as soon as he got to his dance he performed as if nothing had happened. The reaction was indeed professional, surprising the netizens. The dancers are also praised for their outstanding performance.

After the unexpected situation, the male dancer danced as if nothing had happened.

The dancers were also praised for their outstanding performance:

“Even when being thrown hands at the face, they still danced as usual. I was surprised at how professional they were.”

“I really like Sunmi’s dancers. They are beautiful and can sing well.”

“This video is so cute. The dancers were happy and worried at the same time and Sunmi looked at them affectionately like a mother.”

“The four dancers were very funny and cute in the video.”

“The dancers’ outfits were so sexy, causing me to almost have a heart attack. Haha.”

Sources: k14

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