BTS’s Jimin boasts his muse-like, standard beauty of the 21st century that combines both Eastern and Western charm

Jimin of BTS is drawing attention as a muse by establishing a new standard of beauty in the 21st century.

Following the introduction of the Carrousel de Louvre exhibition, which displays Jimin‘s portrait, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism posted an interview with illustrator Lee K, who has been working with Jimin as his muse, through KOCIS magazine “Korea Net” on October 20th.

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In the interview, Lee K said, ”I’m much more interested when the subject I want to draw is a person I like. It’s a big factor that keeps me going and enjoying this job.” Lee K’s fondness for Jimin became the driving force behind his unchanging activities for years, starting in 2018.

Lee K said, “After listening to BTS‘ music for the first time, I felt that Jimin had a special charm. His (Jimin’s) face has a unique feature of coexisting Eastern and Western charm and male and female beauty,” explaining the special reason why Jimin became a muse for his artistic inspiration.

bts jimin

The illustrator, who has been working on unique portraits under the theme of ‘denial of language’, praised Jimin’s face, especially “(Jimin’s face) shows different personalities and gives off different charms depending on the light and expression.”

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Lee K shared this interview with his Instagram story and revealed his special affection for his muse Jimin on October 13th to celebrate Jimin’s birthday.

Lee K, who has received great acclaim by exhibiting various works with variations of Jimin’s face in England, France, Germany, Russia, and Korea, will be exhibiting Jimin’s portraits at the Carrousel de Louvre in Paris, France, from September 1 to 4.

bts jimin me, myself and jimin

The exhibition, which featured Jimin as the representative image in the poster, was highlighted by various media around the world as it was crowded with audiences to see Jimin’s portrait, followed by rave reviews of Jimin’s beauty, which inspires artists.

bts jimin me, myself and jimin

Jimin is shining as a muse that awakens the artistic soul by reinventing the standard of true beauty in this day and age that transcends borders, races, and genders with his unconventional, colorful and mysterious charm.

Source: Daum

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