“Mask Girl” Lee Han Byul, “I watched Ahn Jae Hong doing ‘Aishiteru’ scene on the set and was very surprised”

Actress Lee Han Byul revealed a behind story of the famous ‘Aishiteru scene’ in “Mask Girl”.

Lee Han Byul talked about Netflix’s original series “Mask Girl” in an interview with SPOTV News on August 29th. 

Lee Han Byul made her debut in “Mask Girl” playing the main character Kim Mo Mi together with Go Hyun Jung and Nana. She received favorable reviews from viewers for her excellent acting skills.

"Mask Girl” Lee Han Byul

Regarding her experience of working with actor Ahn Jae Hong, who starred in the drama as Joo Oh Nam, Lee Han Byul said, “I saw him at the script reading but I was very nervous back then. He wore a hat all the time”, adding “I never thought they could do such amazing makeup when seeing Ahn Jae Hong as Joo Oh Na for the first time.”

She continued, “When I greeted him, he was on his way home after taking off makeup so I couldn’t recognize him. I wondered, ‘Who is he? Does he know the director?’. After knowing that it was Ahn Jae Hong, I came to greet him. The makeup looked so real even when I looked at it closely”, drawing laughter.

Ahn Jae Hong was praised for perfectly portraying the image of an “Otaku” in the scene where Joo Oh Nam makes an imaginary confession to Kim Mo Mi. The scene became viral as the so-called “Aishiteru scene”.

In this regard, Lee Han Byul shared, “I watched him doing ‘Aishiteru’ in real life and was very surprised. We burst into laughter on the set. I believe that everyone thought ‘Oh this is it! Because he’s Joo Oh Nam’”, adding “‘Aishiteru’ was actually not on the script. When I heard Ahn Jae Hong did it on the set, I exclaimed, ‘Wow, it was really an ad-lib from a famous actor’.”

Source: Nate

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