Despite low viewership ratings, this K-drama is a masterpiece

This underhyped drama with low ratings is extremely watch-worthy.

Among various hyped K-dramas that are currently on air, “My Liberation Notes” made a quiet entrance with low ratings. Rather low-budget and broadcasted on the cable network JTBC, the drama only earned around 2-3% in viewership, with the latest episode recording the lowest ratings so far. 

However, despite seeing sad numbers and little discussion, “My Liberation Notes” is hands down an amazing show with an excellent cast. There’s no lackluster performance among all its actors, and it is perhaps due to its somber atmosphere and slow pace that put viewers off from watching the show. 


My Liberation Notes” centers around young adults who feel stuck in their stagnant life. They struggle with opening up, don’t know how to say no, want to avoid reality, and have unremarkable visuals. The situations described in the series are also supermundane, leading to viewers easily relating to the characters. Most impressive about the series though, are cleverly written dialogues that sear themselves in the mind of audiences and make them truly think. 

Again my life

All in all, “My Liberation Notes” is a piece that needs to be mulled over and sat on, instead of simple entertainment. Its heavy nature is not suitable for everyone, resulting in low viewership. However, the topics about “My Liberation Notes” are all filled with praises, with its audiences thinking the drama deserves more recognition. 


Some comments from netizens: 

  • The series’ dialogues really resonate with my soul.
  • It is not simply a drama but a reflection of reality. Like the characters, we all have our respective flaws. Some of us are introverted, some of us are from the countryside and poor. Many are being urged to settle down, and many can’t find their life purpose. The screenwriter and the cast really portray reality well.
  • Despite being promoted as a series for introverts, I think that everyone can find themselves here. The harsh reality there really tore out my heart.
  • Watching this drama really makes you feel frustrated and depressed. Kim Ji Won’s eye acting is insane. 

My Liberation Notes” airs on Saturdays and Sundays on JTBC. 

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