Red Velvet Seulgi: “Had to lean on Lee Gi-kwang during our first shoot together, worried if it was okay”

Red Velvet Seulgi recalled her first  time seeing Lee Gi-kwang.

KBS Cool FM’s “Lee Gi-kwang’s Music Plaza,” aired on October 12th, welcomed Red Velvet’s Seulgi, who released her first solo album “28 Reasons”, as a guest.

On this day, Lee Gi-kwang said, “I saw you once on the way,” and asked, “Didn’t our activities overlap this spring?” He was talking about the promotion period of Red Velvet’s “Feel My Rhythm” and Highlight’s “DAYDREAM”.

When Seulgi responded, “I only know now because I was so busy with the pre-recording,” Lee Gi-kwang replied, “We used to go from waiting room to waiting room to greet others, but it’s gone now because of the pandemic, that’s why we didn’t see each other.”

He continued, “I’m glad that we can now meet and greet each other like this”, adding “We used to model for the national football team in 2018. Do you remember it?”, bringing up another interaction between the two.

Seulgi replied, “I remember that. I had to lean on your back right at the first shoot, so I was wondering if you felt alright with that”. Lee Gi-kwang then said, “I think we took that photo shoot somewhere in the countryside”, adding “It was a little awkward back then, but I’m glad the pictures came out beautifully.”

In fact, Seulgi and Lee Gi-kwang also appeared on “Dancing High” together as judges. The two drew laughter as they couldn’t remember each other at that time.

Source: Daum

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