Criminal psychologist explains why Teacher Chu is the most dangerous villain in “The Glory”

Psychologist Park Ji Sun talked about the characters in Netflix’s drama “The Glory” on “MMTG”.

Netflix’s “The Glory” has been the No.1 TOP 10 non-English series for two weeks with an impressive cumulative viewing time of 123.59 million hours.

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“The Glory” was initially known for its story about a school violence victim Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) seeking revenge on the perpetrators after designing a plan for a long time. However, the drama later gained popularity by shedding light on various social issues, such as parents’ negligence and abuse, sexual crimes, corruption, fraud, etc.

As a result, the series created hot topics and drew both empathy and anger. Some viewers even engaged in debates over the main perpetrator who caused the whole story to happen, whether it was Park Yeon Jin or Dong Eun’s mother Jung Mi Hee. However, these two characters are not the only villains in “The Glory”.

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Then, who was picked as the most dangerous person in “The Glory” from the perspective of criminal psychologists?

The answer was Teacher Chu Jung Ho, Dong Eun’s colleague at Semyung Elementary School who is better known by the nickname “joking villain”.

Park Ji-sun

Chu Jung Ho showed signs of a person who has prejudices against women in Part 1, then he was portrayed as a pedophile (someone who is sexually attracted to children).

According to criminal psychologist Park Ji Sun, who recently appeared on the web entertainment show “MMTG” hosted by MC Jae Jae, Chu Jung Ho’s crime can cause hundreds of victims as the children may not realize that they are being harmed. 

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In addition, she emphasized, “His hairstyle alone is a crime”. Psychologist Park pointed out that Chu’s excessive hairstyle resembles that of the character Anton Chigurh played by Javier Bardem in the movie “No Country for Old Men”.

The psychologist predicted that the styling for Chu Jung Ho was intentionally decided by the production team to leave a strong impression on the audience although this character has limited screen time.

Source: Daum

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