“The Glory” Jeon Jae Joon has anger management disorder? Analysis by criminal psychologist

Professor Park Ji Sun, who specializes in criminal psychology, provided an analysis on “The Glory” character Jeon Jae Joon.

On March 23rd, Professor Park Ji Sun, a criminal psychologist, appeared on the YouTube channel “MMTG” to analyze the hit Netflix drama “The Glory”. Comedian Jang Do Yeon also guested on the same episode. 

In the video, Jaejae, Professor Park Ji Sun, and Jang Do Yeon watched the scene where Jeon Jae Joon fought with Mr. Chu, a teacher who illegally filmed his students, including Jae Joon’s daughter Ye Sol. 

Park Ji-sun

Jaejae expressed discomfort at the scene, saying that she feel uncomfortable watching Jae Joon repeatedly hitting Mr. Chu in the head. 

Meanwhile, Professor Park Ji Sun said, “Isn’t it satisfying? Mr. Chu deserved it for what he did.”

In response, Jaejae asked if Jeon Jae Joon in “The Glory” has “anger management disorder”, seeing that he drove recklessly to the school and then hit Mr. Chu as soon as he got there. 

Then, Professor Park Ji Sun surprised everyone by asking, “Has Jeon Jae Joon ever needed to hold back his anger in his entire life?”

Park Ji-sun

Afterwards, when Jang Do Yeon asked, “So, he’s just been living like that?”, Professor Park Ji Sun speculated about Jeon Jae Joon’s life, saying, “He acts like that and gets away from everything using money.”

Finally, Jang Do Yeon said, “It seems like a higher concept. A person who doesn’t need anger management”, to which Jaejae jokingly responded, “Then, what should we call it? An anger-management-free person?”

Source: Daum

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