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Psychologist Park Ji Sun analyzes “The Glory” characters, “Ha Do Young’s ending? He thinks it’s necessary and doesn’t feel guilty”

Criminal psychologist Park Ji Sun appeared on “MMTG” and discussed the characters in Netflix’s series “The Glory”.

On March 23rd, the Youtube channel “MMTG” uploaded a new video titled “Isn’t Park Yeon Jin a psychopath? Creepy psychological analysis about ‘The Glory’ from a criminal psychologist;; I’m really excited right now”.

The guests on the new episode of “MMTG” were criminal psychologist Park Ji Sun and comedian Jang Do Yeon from SBS’s program “Ji Sun’s Cine Mind”. Park Ji Sun pointed out various scenes in Netflix’s hit drama “The Glory” and analyzed the characters’ psychology.

Park Ji-sun

First, Park Ji Sun mentioned Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), who has lived her entire life only aiming for revenge against the perpetrators who bullied her terribly at school in the past. The psychologist said, “You may think Dong Eun suffers from PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) after what happened at her house. However, the more evil Yeon Jin becomes, the more grateful Dong Eun will be. It becomes her motivation to take revenge.”

After watching the confrontation between Moon Dong Eun and her mother Jung Mi Hee (Park Ji Ah), psychologist Park revealed, “In fact, wasn’t Dong Eun already abandoned since her high school days? Dong Eun’s mother abandoned her many times, but the fact that she is abandoned again means she still expects something from her mother. That’s why she continues to get hurt.”

Among netizens, there were differing opinions on whether the real culprit of the school violence against Moon Dong Eun was Park Yeon Jin or her mother. In this regard, Park Ji Sun picked Dong Eun’s mother as the worse perpetrator. She explained, “Doesn’t Yeon Jin have no responsibility or obligation to Dong Eun? The mother has both responsibility and obligation related to her daughter.”

When Jae Jae asked if Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon), the person who bullied Moon Dong Eun, was a psychopath, Park Ji Sun replied, “Real psychopaths are actually not in prison. They are white-collar psychopaths who exploit their high social status and reputation to commit crimes while doing their jobs.”

Park Ji-sun

However, Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) collapsed when her daughter Ha Ye Sol (Oh Ji Yul) exposed her past misdeeds. Psychologist Park shocked everyone as she said, “Even the sons of Yoo Young Chul or Kang Ho Sun (serial killers in Korea) thought their fathers were terrible.”

She also analyzed the character Ha Do Young (Jung Sung Il), said to be the most unpredictable character. According to Park Ji Sun, Ha Do Young’s personality is revealed in a scene where he gives wine to a driver. She said, “He compared the wine at the convenience store to the wine he gave the driver. In fact, he was comparing himself to the driver.” She also analyzed that the driver might have been demoted.

Ha Do Young, who didn’t like Park Yeon Jin’s murdering crime, ended up killing Jeon Jae Joon (Park Sung Hoon) on his own. Jae Jae asked, “Was it necessary for Ha Do Young to kill Jeon Jae Joon with his own hands?”, Park Ji Sun said, “Ha Do Young doesn’t really trust anyone so he has to kill the target by himself. When people rise to higher positions, they tend to trust others less.” Jae Jae continued to ask, “Will Ha Do Young feel any sense of guilt after killing Jeon Jae Joon?”, Park Ji Sun replied, “No. He probably thought it was necessary.”

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