BLACKPINK stands as a “K-pop Miracle” with jaw-dropping achievements and whopping resources as well as connections in fashion 

The YG idol group secures a firm spot in the industry. 

BLACKPINK is often deemed the “monster group” ever since their debut in K-pop. A group of four but the girls always captivate attention by demonstrating various talents. 

Jennie boasts great stage control. (Image: Twitter
blackpink rose concert
Rosé earns a reputation for her professionalism in the face of stage malfunction. (Image: Twitter
Jisoo blackpink seoul concert
Jisoo shows off her immaculate visuals and improved performance skills. (Image: Twitter) 
Lisa reigns as the “dancing machine” of the group. (Image: SBS) 

Apart from the group activities, BLACKPINK members are branching out through their solo activities. Currently, Jisoo’s solo debut is receiving major public attention as the female K-pop idol with the highest first-day pre-order on Ktown4U with more than 159 thousand pre-orders in just 24 hours. It broke the record previously held by Lisa’s “LALISA”. Jisoo’s solo “ME” has reached nearly 1 million pre-orders. 

The record was previously owned by the BLACKPINK members on the same platform. Rosé recorded 77 thousand pre-orders with “-R-” and “LALISA” by Lisa with 96 thousand pre-orders. 

BLACKPINK also secures a top position with their commercial deals. The members are holding the ambassadorship of major brands in the world. Their appearances bring tremendous media impact value for the fashion houses and often chart well in the top 10 of the most influential figures in Fashion Weeks. 

BLACKPINK Jennie Vogue
Jennie has a close relationship with Chanel. (Image: VOGUE) 
The rapper has many well-known campaigns under her sleeves as the Global Ambassador of Calvin Klein. (Image: Pinterest) 
Rose Saint Laurent
 Rosé generates sensation after sensation with YSL promotional photos. (Image: Twitter) 
Jisoo is well-known as the “Dior Princess”. (Image: Dior)
Lisa boasts an intimate working relationship with CELINE. (Image: Pinterest) 

With those achievements and resources under their belts, BLACKPINK members are often regarded as the “It” girls. Their Instagram account followers are ranked among the millions with Lisa having the most followers. 

Source: YAN News

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