iKON’s Bobby forgot his Twitter password and made an embarrassing request to a former YG staff

iKON’s Bobby revealed his lack of digital skills, including forgetting his social media password.

On March 23, iKON’s Bobby made an appearance as a guest on MBC FM4U’s radio show “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon” to promote his solo single “S.i.R.” 

When asked by Kim Shin Young, if there was a reason for his long break from Twitter, Bobby admitted that he forgot his password. 

He also shared an embarrassing moment where he asked a former YG employee if they could help him retrieve his password. 


Bobby chuckled, saying, “I contacted a person who is not at YG right now and asked him shamelessly if he could find out my password.

Bobby also admitted that he is not a tech-savvy person, saying, “I’m not used to Twitter, so even if I find the password, I wonder what this is for. I’m not interested in computers usually.

During the show, Kim Shin Young also asked Bobby if he knew how to start an Instagram live broadcast, to which he responded honestly, saying that he was confused. 

Kim Shin Young jokingly commented on his lack of digital knowledge, saying, “Yay, I found someone who knows less than I do!

Bobby also shared that he doesn’t spend a lot of time contemplating his social media username and would rather start using it right away than spend time deciding on one.

Source: Nate

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