BTS Jimin’s new song banned on KBS due to use of foul language

The new song “Face-off” in BTS Jimin’s upcoming album “Face” has been deemed unfit for broadcast by KBS. 

As a result of a KBS’ recent song review, which was released on the 22nd, Jimin‘s new song “Face-off” was judged to be ineligible for broadcast. The reason is because of the songs’ lyrics, which use profanity, slang, and vulgar expressions.

“Face-off”, which was deemed ineligible for KBS broadcasting, is the first track of Jimin’s first solo album “FACE”, and Jimin and RM, as well as Pdogg, GHSTLOOP, and EVAN participated in the lyrics and composition.


Meanwhile, Jimin will start his solo career with his solo album “FACE” on March 24th. “FACE” is an album that contains the story of Jimin facing himself completely and preparing for a new start as an artist. The title song “Like Crazy” is a synth pop genre track.

On the other hand, Jimin unveiled his pre-released single “Set Me Free Pt. 2” on March 17th. The track has quickly taken over music charts both in and outside of Korea.

Source: Nate 

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