Song Kang Reveals Video Of Him Getting Haircut Before Enlistment, “I Look Like This?”

Song Kang’s agency released the footage of when the actor got his hair cut short before entering the military for his enlsitment

On June 12th, the official YouTube channel of Namoo Actors uploaded a new video featuring actor Song Kang.

The video shows Song Kang making a cake to celebrate the second anniversary of his fandom Songpyeon. It is known that the actor, who is currently serving in the military, filmed this video before he enlisted.

song kang

While making the cake, Song Kang also answered several questions. Revealing his whereabouts, he said, “I’m starting to study English again. The first thing I want to do after being discharged from the military is my dream of going to Europe for a month. There are cultural differences. I really like getting to know them, but I think I’ll be able to communicate better when I speak English”.

In addition, Song Kang also made a mood light as a gift for fans to celebrate the second anniversary. He then talked about how he has changed compared to his rookie days, saying “It’s been 8 years since I started acting, I feel so comfortable. It feels like my own home. To be honest, I’m the type of person who gets bored of things very easily, but I’ve never felt that way about acting. I recently realized that it makes me feel alive. That’s why I keep running without stopping”.

song kang

After taking a Polaroid photo with the mood light and writing a handwritten letter, he sang a congratulatory song like holding a small party with fans. 

Lastly, he added a bonus video to greet fans before enlisting. Song Kang said, “Hello everyone. As soon as I wake up in the morning, I go to the gym and get my hair cut”, heading to the salon to cut his hair before the enlistment.

Arriving at the hair salon, the actor looked shocked right after his hair got cut, saying “I look like this?”. Later, he touched his hair awkwardly and said, “I’ll do my best. I feel more at ease now that I cut my hair”, expressing his feelings about enlisting. Song Kang said, “Goodbye, I’m doing well”, greeting his fans.

Meanwhile, Song Kang enlisted on April 2nd.

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