Kim Ji-won Reveals Her Classic MP3 Player For Traveling In The Past, “The Earphones Are Old Too”

Actress Kim Ji-won introduced several must-have items in her travel luggage in an interview with Vogue Korea

On June 12th, the YouTube channel of VOGUE Korea uploaded a new interview video featuring actress Kim Ji-won.

In the video, Kim Ji-won introduced items in her luggage, saying “I feel like I’m not the type who plans things. I’d go without planning then if I need to learn more about something. I’d just find the information that I need the most. For the rest, I’d just find things as I arrive. But when I pack my stuff, even so, I’d bring a lot of things”.

Taking out her sunglasses, Kim Ji-won said, “Well, if I’m under the sun a lot, it will be exhausting on my eyes. Also, it’s useful when I don’t have my makeup on”.

kim ji won

Showing her tools for massage, the actress shared, “This is for the calf. When you’re on a long flight, your calves can get swollen. After finding stuff while dragging luggage in the airport and once I’m at the hotel then when I walk while putting this on, it feels so relaxing. This massage balls in different sizes. Since I tend to walk a lot when going overseas, my legs can get really tired”.

Next, Kim Ji-won showed her perfume and continued, “When traveling, I tend to bring different perfume depending on the occasion. If I smell a particular scent, I get reminded of the memories, do you get what I mean? The weather just got hotter now so I was looking for a summer perfume that’s nice for such weather. It has a floral scent and a refreshing lemon scent at the end. It’s a perfume that’s nice to wear at your vacation destination”.

Later, Kim Ji-won showed the MP3 player she used a lot when she was young and said, “This was my necessary item for traveling as a kid. I’m so happy to be able to find it again recently so I brought this here to show it off on purpose. The earphones too, it’s from the past. I listened to this well on the way here”.

Taking the alcohol swab out from her luggage, the actress said, “If you get a wound from wearing sandals or something like that, you can use them to disinfect. I can also wipe my phone screen”.

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