MAMA 2017: Held in 3 locations, so it has to create more awards for everyone to be winners?

The 2nd night of MAMA 2017 has just been broadcasted in Japan but soon had a scandal.

On 29 Nov, the 2nd night of Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2017 continued to be held in Japan. There were some famous Korean and Japanese idols who attended this big event such as Wanna One, TWICE, EXO-CBX, AKB48, SEVENTEEN, BoA, Zico, v.v… Besides that, MAMA 2017 also welcomed some actors and actresses such as Park Bo Gum, Kim So Hyun, Seo Kang Jun, etc.
In general, the awards of 2nd night of MAMA 2017 were given based on the rule: those who attend will get awards when most of the artists who were at the event brought their trophy home. Moreover, significantly, this year, MAMA had many new awards such as Inspired Achievement, The best Asian style in Japan, The Discovery of the year, etc. Is it because MAMA is held in 3 locations, Mnet has to “give birth” more awards for all artists who attend the event?

mama 2017, best male artist, wanna one
Fan were not surprised when the dinosaur Wanna One won “Best new artist”
exo, mama 2017
EXO-CBX won 2 awards: “Best Asian style in Japan: EXO-CBX” and “MWave Global Fan’s Choice ”.
Mama 2017,MONSTA X, Best artist in concert performance
MONSTA X and NU’EST W won 2 “unexpected” awards of Mnet: “Best artist in concert performance” and “Discovery of the year”.

After the famous hit “Really Really” of Winner surprised the audiences by not being nominated for “The song of the year”, MAMA shocked many people by ignoring those hits of EXO, Red Velvet, IU and gave this important award to “Signal” – the song that is considered to be the worst one of TWICE career. If their fans kept supporting and congratulating them, most of netizens couldn’t understand the decision of the judges. Many Kpop fans called this as “the most hilarious thing in MAMA” and ironizing the dream of becoming “Korean Grammy” of Mnet.
Before, according to the official online result that MAMA revealed, “Ko Ko Pop” of EXO was the leader with 37,5% votes, “DNA” of BTS follows after with 35,3%, and “Really Really” ranked third with 4,9%. It’s hard to believe that, TWICE was finally the winner with their song “Signal”.

mama 2017, twice, song of year
TWICE received 2 awards for “The best dance performance “girl group”” and “Song of the year” at MAMA 2017.

Next is the winning of Zico in “Best Male Artist”. Compared to G-Dragon, Zico had less votes on the website as well as album sales. The difference was G-Dragon did not attend MAMA 2017. This made the audiences mad about the explicitness of “Korean Grammy”. This might be the end for the relationship between Mnet and YG Entertainment.

Besides making the audiences nervous waiting for the result of important awards, this year, MAMA also attracted them by amazing performances. Since the beginning of the show, “big sister” BoA performed a series of her hits such as “Girls On Top”, “Only One”, “Camo”. Especially, the handsome boy of Wanna One, Hwang Min Hyun, also appeared in the performance of “Only One” .
Moreover, some other artists such as Wanna One, TWICE, SEVENTEEN, Weki Meki, Chungha, PRISTIN, Zico, MONSTA X, etc also brought their Kpop hits over the last year to the stage.

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