8 pairs of celebrities in Korean showbiz that have family relationships: Gong Yoo and Kang Dong Won are actually in-laws

The list of famous people who have family ties with each other has been revealed recently on a show.

In the afternoon of October 1, KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “Entertainment company Live” revealed the TOP 8 pair of famous names in the entertainment industry who have unexpected family ties.

The list was released started from the No.8. It was singer Yook Jung Wan and BTOB Yook Sung Jae. It is said that their Yook clan originated from the Yook clan in Okcheon, and Sung Jae should call Jung Wan “uncle”. In particular, Yook Jung Wan once said on a show he appeared with Yook Sung Jae, “We look a little alike, right?”, and Yook Sung Jae answered, “My mother keeps telling me that the more she looks at us, the more we look alike.”

BTOB sungjae

In 7th place, actor Park Sung Woong was mentioned. According to the release, he has a family tie with actor Kim Ui Sung, arousing curiosity from netizens. The two actors, who have only appeared together in only 3 movies, are said to own the “villain DNA” that helps them impress the audiences with the roles of being bad guys. They are second cousins of each other. Upon hearing the fact, Lee Hwi Jae was surprised and said, “They’re really close.”

The 6th place was actor Kim Ok Bin and his younger sister. Not long ago, it was rumored that Kim Ok Bin has a twin sister. It was because an actress appeared in a movie and acted as the young version of Kim Ok Bin’s role. That actress was actually Kim Ok Bin’s youngest sister, Chae Seo Jin. Kim Ok Bin once praised her sister on a broadcast, saying, “I think my younger sister is the prettiest person in the world.”


The 5th place went to actor Lee Jang Woo and singer Hwan Hee. In the past, Lee Jang Woo once said, “My cousin brother debuted when I was in grade 6” and mentioned Fly To The Sky’s Hwan Hee as his cousin. 4 years later, Lee Jang Woo debuted as an actor. In addition, he also appeared and acted in the MV for Hwan Hee’s solo album.

korean actor

Mentioned in 4th place were Choi Myung Gil and Kwon Yul. The two turned out to be aunt and nephew. Kwon Yul once stated, “She is my mother’s younger sister”. He added, “It’s great to have an aunt. I have hidden this fact for 8 years because I thought it may affect her. However, I want to mention this as much as I could”. Choi Myung Gil also said in a broadcast, “He talks about him being an actor even more than his acting. He’s really good at it.”

korean actor

Kwon Yul expressed his gratitude to his aunt, saying, “The person who had the greatest influence on my dream of becoming an actor is my aunt.”

Moving on to 3rd place, Park Won Sook and Park So Dam were called out. It turned out that the two has a 6-degree family relationship. In particular, Park So Dam is the granddaughter of Park Won Sook’s cousin. During an interview, Park So Dam said, “I used to fail many auditions, but she gave me a lot of courage to keep trying.”

In the 2nd place, actress Chae Shi Ra and Chae Gook Hee were revealed to be sisters. It is said that Chae Gook Hee secretly applied for a musical work and had been a musical actress before appearing in movies. In addition, Chae Gook Hee once appeared in the same historical drama with her sister, and it is said that their father used to have a dream of becoming an actor. Therefore, this has proved the acting DNA in their family.

korean actor

The long-awaited first place went to the 2 famous actors, Gong Yoo and Kang Dong Won. This reveal shocked all the cast members of the show, and they said, “Is this real? This is the first time that I’ve heard about it”. The two actors turned out to actually be in-laws. It is said that their grandfathers were also close friends even before the two actors were born. What’s more surprising is that their grandfathers introduced their parents’ brothers and sisters to each other, and they actually got married.


Another star who unexpectedly has a family relationship with Gong Yoo was also revealed. That was Gong Hyo Jin. The reason why the two never had dating rumors was that they were from the same family with the same Gong family.

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