Elon Musk appeared on AOMG’s Youtube channel?… AOMG releases official statement explaining the hacking attack on their Youtube channel

The Youtube channel of hip-hop label AOMG was recently hacked.

On May 10th, AOMG’s Youtube channel was hacked. All existing videos were taken down and a strange video of Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk appeared on the channel. AOMG soon resolved the hacking incident, but the channel got deactivated that night, causing fans to worry.

Regarding this incident, AOMG expressed their position on the morning of May 11th. Through their official SNS account, AOMG stated, “Hello, this is AOMG. We want to inform you of the situation related to our Youtube channel ‘AOMGOFFICIAL’, adding, “On May 10th, there was a hacker attack on AOMGOFFICIAL Youtube channel and we managed to restore the channel as it was before the attack. However, the channel was shut down by Youtube for the contents presented by the hacker violated Youtube’s harmful and dangerous content policies”.

They added, “We are doing our best to bring the original AOMGOFFICIAL channel and its contents back. We apologize for your inconvenience and promise to repair the channel as soon as possible”. 

Meanwhile, AOMG is a hip-hop/R&B label founđ by rapper-singer Park Jae-beom (Jay Park) in 2013. Artists, including Loco, Simon Dominic, Gray, Woo Won-jae, Lee Hi, GOT7’s Yugyeom, Jung Chan-sung, etc.


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