K-netizens discuss the possible lineup for season 2 of Mnet’s “Queendom” (ft. ITZY, TWICE, and more)

Korean netizens have different thoughts on whether or not ITZY should join ‘Queendom’ to showcase their talents. 

On December 13, Mnet revealed the list of shows they will be producing in 2022. Along with “Street Man Fighter” (the male version of “Street Woman Fighter“) and “Show Me The Money” 11” that are slated to air in the second half of next year, attention is drawn to the second season of “Queendom“, which is confirmed to be released next March. 

Street Man FighteShow Me The Money 11 Queendom 2

Queendom” is a competition show between female artists (both group and solo) that was first introduced by Mnet in the fall of 2019. In the first season, MAMAMOO excellently won first place while Oh My Girl took second place, but even artists who didn’t win received much support from the Korean public. Following the success of “Queendom“, Mnet respectively released 2 male versions, “Road To Kingdom” in 2020 and “Kingdom” in 2021, but could not achieve the same explosive reaction as the previous female version. And now, to satisfy fans’ expectations, production for season 2 of “Queendom” has begun and the show is expected to come out early next year, 3 years after the release of season 1. 

As soon as the production plan for “Queendom 2” was confirmed, the show quickly came under heated discussion on online communities in Korea. Korean netizens are most curious about the official lineup.

Along with expectations for a dream lineup, netizens also name the girl groups they hope to be featured in “Queendom 2“. From groups that debuted a long time ago but have not hit big like Weki Meki, Dreamcatcher, fromis_9, WJSN, MOMOLAND, Rocket Punch, Cherry Bullet, EVERGLOW… to one to two year-old rookies such as LIGHTSUM, PURPLE KISS, Weekly,… In particular, considering that “Queendom” season 1 also had a famous representative of the 2nd generation, Park Bom, Korean netizens are also looking forward to the presence of 2nd generation girl groups such as A Pink, T-ara, Girl’s Day,….

Dreamcatcher and Weki Meki get mentioned a lot in the comments 

Among the female idols that are nominated to participate in “Queendom 2“, 2 JYP girl groups – TWICE and ITZY, currently spark mixed reactions. Many netizens think that a performance-centric show like “Queendom” absolutely suits ITZY and it will be a good chance for the group to further boost their public recognition. On the contrary, there are plenty of comments claiming that both TWICE and ITZY have no reason to appear on this show because they have already earned a solid position in the industry. 

Some comments:

ITZY Twice

– To be honest, I think Queendom is the most suitable show for ITZY. ITZY might make big success if they agree to join

– Excluding A-class idols, any girl group can gain more benefits if they compete in Queendom

– VIVIZ might join the show

– Weki Meki

– I want the 2nd Gen groups, like T-Ara or Girl’s Day, to participate in the competition this time. This seems hard to happen but I still hope so.

– Weki Meki and Dreamcatcher

– This is my guess: ITZY, Brave Girls, WJSN, fromis_9, Dreamcatcher, MOMOLAND

– If the show wants to attract hot topics, shouldn’t there be a group that is really familiar to the public? Like a famous group from Gen 2. As for the later generations, I think the trio of TWICE-Red Velvet-BLACKPINK will never join. MAMAMOO already competed in Season 1. It’s also hard for Gfriend to show up as a whole group so I guess ITZY is the best choice.

– Honestly, I really hope to see Dreamcatcher, LOONA, Weki Meki and WJSN on the show. Rookie groups, such as Weeekly, PURPLE KISS or LIGHTSUM, are also great choices.

– TWICE will probably join, right?

– In my opinion, if Queendom 2 wants to make a hit, they should cast at least 1 out of these 3 groups: ITZY, VIVIZ or Apink… In fact, the possibility of VIVIZ joining the show is still higher than ITZY

– Just look at the lineup of Queendom’s last season. MAMAMOO, Oh My Girl, Lovelyz, AOA, (G)-IDLE, and Park Bom were artists with unstable careers at that time. So why would successful groups like TWICE and ITZY have to compete on this show?

– I remember Queendom only invited artists who already won music show trophies or had songs entering the Melon Chart. All the groups mentioned here are more suitable for “Road To Queendom”. The cast for Queendom should at least have a hit song.

– Why should ITZY, TWICE and Apink appear on Queendom? They have already gained huge success and solid positions in the entertainment industry. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ There’s no need for them to join the show.

– Not ITZYㅋㅋㅋ Their debut song ‘DALLA DALLA’ ranked No.14 in the Yearly Chart, their album sold 300.000 copies in the first week and their Youtube MV also surpassed 300 millions views. If ITZY joins Queendom, isn’t it unfair for other groups?

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