The singer that made all the judges and viewers cried on “Sing Again 2”

Singer number 43 has touched the hearts of many viewers. Along with Kyu-hyun, everyone sobbed hearing him sang.

The first round of the finals continued on JTBC’s entertainment program “Sing Again 2,” which aired on Dec 13th. When the 43rd singer of the Sugar Man group appeared in the first round of the broadcasting finals, all the judges recognized him.

No. 43 said that due to his hit song that used to ranked No. 1 on the chart, after his vocal cord nodule, he thought that “I was tagged as an unlucky singer whose career ended because I couldn’t take care of my throat.”

Kim Hyun-sung Sing Again 2

“I’m working at a company now, but can I end my activities like this? How can I end when people only remember me as “that” singer? I have a lot on my mind. The reason I come to “Sing Again” is because I don’t want to be remembered as a failed singer. I wanted to show you again that I am this kind of singer, so I came back here,” he explained.

Kim Hyun-sung Sing Again 2

The 43rd singer is Kim Hyun-sung. He sang his song ‘Heaven‘ enthusiastically, but failed to perform in his normal condition due to a vocal cord nodule, which led to him being eliminated from the second round after receiving 3 “agains”.

Kim Hyun-sung Sing Again 2

Kyu-hyun sobbed when he saw this. Kyu-hyun said, “In fact, I have suffered from vocal cord nodules, too. I can’t tell how hard it must have been, but he was an idol to me, I was a big fan. Of all the things I’ve heard hundreds of times, today was touching,” he said.

Kim Hyun-sung Sing Again 2

Netizens who watched the stage also responded, “I sobbed after watching the broadcast,” “I was really touched,” “I cried with Kyu-hyun when he cried,” and “It hurts my heart.”

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