Heechul revealed that he used to love someone with a 13-year age gap, people immediately thought of Momo (TWICE) but the truth was shocking

Although it’s been a while since they broke up, every sharing about Heechul’s (Super Junior) ex-lover makes fans think of Momo (TWICE).

During his career, Heechul (Super Junior) only publicly dated Momo (TWICE), but he did not hesitate to tell all about his love history. Heechul used to date many girlfriends but not for long.

In the show “My Little Old Boy“, Heechul himself shared his experience in love on television. The male idol revealed the lover with the biggest age gap with him. The number given by the male idol is 13 years old.  Immediately, fans immediately thought of his most recent girlfriend – Momo.

Heechul girlfriend
Most notably, the male singer revealed in the past that he dated someone 13 years older than him. This is the biggest age gap in his relationships. This confession reminds fans of his ex-girlfriend Momo, but she is 13 years younger than the male singer. 
Heechul girlfriend
Comedian Kim Young Chul immediately advised Heechul to later date someone 14 years older than him to break that record.
Heechul girlfriend
Everyone was shocked at the fact that Heechul used to date someone 13 years older than him!

Heechul and Momo had been entangled in dating rumors since August 2019. However, at that time, both idols vehemently denied it. It was not until January 1, 2020, that Market News unveiled the couple’s relationship. Heechul was born in 1983, 13 years older than his girlfriend, who was born in 1996. Until the beginning of July this year, the two suddenly broke up after 1 year and 6 months of public dating.

Heechul girlfriend
So far, Momo is still the only girlfriend that he publicly dated. 


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