Hwasa’s butt was touched by an audience? Incidents occur in “The Dancing Wanderers”

The “The Dancing Wanderers” has released a chemistry video of its members, raising expectations for the first broadcast.

On May 11th, “The Dancing Wanderers” released a highlight video titled “We just started a real performance… What happened to Kim Wan Sun, Uhm Jung Hwa, Lee Hyori, BoA, and Hwasa”. 


In the video, Lee Hyori moved the hearts of fans by saying, “I think what the audience sent to us is love, and what we give to all of you is also love. I think I will go around stealing your love. Please take care of us”.

Meanwhile, “The Dancing Wanderers” is a show where cast members travel around the country and perform in response to fans’ stories. Anywhere these members stand, whether it be a Taekwondo tournament, a fire station, a food stall, or a naval academy, it became a stage. At the Zumba Festival stage, Hwasa stuck out her butt towards the audience, and an audience member touched Hwasa’s buttocks, surprising her.


There was also a scene where the members discussed their own concepts. At the time, Uhm Jung Hwa and Lee Hyori suggested BoA wear a net or see-through outfit, causing BoA to call them “scary”. To this, Hwasa evoked laughter by joking, “Let’s go with Bangtan Girls” (word play on the full name of BTS). 

In addition, Lee Hyori’s obsession with SNS was revealed. In particular, Lee Hyori drew laughter by showing symptoms of SNS addiction, and consistently asking people to take photos for her Instagram. Meanwhile, BoA revealed her thought of being in charge of innocence and freshness in this group. Just as she said, BoA boasted a visual that seemed to return to the early 2000s, and Lee Hyori wiped her tears, saying, “BoA, who was such a baby, is still the same as before.”

Meanwhile, “The Dancing Wanderers”, which features Kim Wan Sun, Uhm Jung Hwa, Lee Hyori, BoA, and Hwasa, will air its first episode on May 25th at 10:30 pm (KST) on tvN.

Source: Nate

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