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“It has crossed the line,” “Street Man Fighter” is in another controversy by provoking BTOB this time

Mnet is at the center of controversy again.

Mnet’s “Be the SMF,” which aired on July 5th, introduced the participating crews ahead of the official premiere of “Street Man Fighter.” 1Million, WDBZ, EO-DDAE, BIIB, PRIME KINGZ, YGX, JustJerk, and MBITIOUS are on the line-up.

Street Man Fighter

At the end of the broadcast, an announcement was announced that voting for the “BIGBANG Battle” between EO-DDAE and BIIB will begin for the global K-DANCE mission. It was about voting for the crew that you think is better using Instagram.

Since the broadcast, some netizens have criticized how the Crew “Bank2Brothers” is being introduced and promoted with the abbreviation “BIIB” as this name overlaps with that of the existing idol group BTOB.

Street Man Fighter

In addition, it was pointed out that the BIIB logo used in the broadcast looks similar to the logo used by BTOB at the beginning of their debut, and that they used “Born to Be Hip,” which reminds of BTOB’s official slogan “Born To Beat”, in front of their crew name.

Slogans and logos used by the “Street Man Fighter” crew Bank2Brothers, and slogans and logos used by the idol group BTOB on their album released in 2012

Street Man Fighter

Fans say they can’t understand why the show used the abbreviation when the crew name “Bank2Brothers” is fully said every time. In fact, “BTOB”, and “BORN TO BEAT”, including “BIIB,” have been registered for trademark rights in 2015 by BTOB’s agency Cube Entertainment.

Meanwhile, Bank2Brothers is composed of crew members who are specialized in hip-hop dance such as leader J-Rock, Goff, FeelDog, BizzyB, Digan, and Giseok.

Street Man Fighter

Earlier last year, there was a controversy in the dancer world over the definition of “poppin.” While introducing the street dance genre on “Knowing Bros,” dancer Monika explained “poppin’” by saying, “All movements that pop are ‘popping’, but it is called poppin’, without the ‘g’.”

Since then, some dancers have criticized Monika’s remarks and started a so-called cyberbullying, in which many people attack one person online.

Street Man Fighter

Rumors circulated that some dancers who raised this controversy would appear in “Street Man Fighter,” and boycotts took place even before the show began its 1st episode.

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