Jang Nara reveals her husband during her honeymoon in a video call with Park Won Sook 

Park Won Sook praised Jang Nara’s husband for being handsome. 

In the latest episode of KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “Let’s Live Together with Park Won Sook Season 3” aired on March 23rd, actress Sunwoo Eun Sook visited her sisters (Park Won Sook, Hye Eun Yi, Kim Chung, and Lee Kyung Jin). On this day, Kim Chung was unable to join due to volunteer activities that had been scheduled for several months.

While the sisters were preparing to welcome Sunwoo Eun Sook, actress Jang Nara, who got married earlier this June, greeted Park Won Sook in a surprise video call, drawing viewers’ attention.

Park Won Sook congratulated Jang Nara on her marriage by saying, “Congratulations on your wedding!” In response, Jang Nara revealed that she was on her honeymoon in Darangyi Village in Namhae County. She added, “It feels so nice here. Everything is pretty.”

Jang Nara then introduced her husband after Park Won Sook asked, “Can I see the groom?” Seeing the face of Jang Nara’s husband, Park Won Sook smiled and said, “He’s so handsome.” Jang Nara also told Park Won Sook and Lee Kyung Jin that her husband was a cinematographer.

When Jang Nara revealed that she was in a restaurant right next to Park Won Sook’s cafe, Park Won Sook showed her affection for Jang Nara and said, “Go up to the cafe and eat something.”

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV’s “Let’s Live Together with Park Won Sook Season 3” is a program about the lives of middle-aged female stars who are living alone and preparing for the second half of their lives after moving past the splendid heyday of their careers. It is broadcast every Tuesday at 8:30 pm KST. 

Source: daum

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