BLACKPINK Jisoo’s drama reveals its official teaser and streaming platforms

Jung Hae-in and Jisoo’s drama – “Snowdrop” – recently released its new teaser along with the official schedule.

On Oct 14th, Jung Hae-in and Jisoo‘s drama – “Snowdrop” – officially confirmed that it will air weekly on Saturday – Sunday. The drama can be watched on JTBC channel as well as the streaming service Disney+.

Jung Hae In and Jisoo Snowdrop

Seoul-Walt Disney Company (hereinafter referred to as Disney) held an APAC content showcase today (Oct 14th), to introduce its global and Asia-Pacific content that can be enjoyed on Disney+, as well as a rich content lineup produced in each regional language (Korean included).

Jung Hae In and Jisoo Snowdrop

At the APAC Content Showcase, “Snowdrop” was introduced alongside more than 20 new content in the Asia-Pacific region.

Using the city of Seoul in 1987 as the drama’s background, “Snowdrop” is the story about a young student named Young Cho (played by Jisoo) who coincidentally saved Im Su-ho (played by Jung Hae-in), who is another student of a prestigious university, after he got injured and barged into the female dorm. Young Cho has hidden and treated Su-ho’s wound even though she was under surveillance and in danger.

snowdrop 37q9829480

The drama is planned to go on air in December this year. 

Source: K14

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