Lovestagram from Tyler Kwon on Jessica’s birthday – “9-year-old” couple holding hands happily

Tyler Kwon – the boyfriend of former Girls’ Generation member Jessica, expressed his affection to his girlfriend through ‘Lovestagram’.

On 18th April, Tyler Kwon posted a picture of the shadow on his Instagram with the caption “Happy Birthday, J! my best friend♥”.

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The photo shows the shadow of Jessica and Tyler Kwon holding hands tenderly. In another photo, Tyler Kwon was making a V sign while Jessica was taking pictures. This has drawn attention from netizens.

On Jessica’s birthday last year, Tyler Kwon showed affection through ‘Lovestagram’ by posting a picture of the shadow taken with Jessica on Instagram. He gently put his arm on Jessica’s shoulders.

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Meanwhile, Jessica debuted as a Girls’ Generation member in 2007 and left in 2014. Since then, she has worked as a solo singer, and has been active in various fields, including launching her fashion business and publishing novels. She has been dating Tyler Kwon since 2013.

Source: Nate

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