A “digital human” to replace Kim Soo-hyun is coming… “The first Hallyu star to be produced as a 3D virtual human”

Actor Kim Soo-hyun will be the first Hallyu star to become a digital human. Kim Soo-hyun’s digital human will reflect physical changes such as skin, muscles and voice based on hyper-realistic digital expression technology.

Today (Dec 21st), Kim Soo-hyun‘s agency Gold Medalist announced that they will promote actor Kim Soo-hyun’s digital human project in collaboration with EVR Studio, a professional digital content developer. Digital humans are virtual humans implemented in 3D. They can use appearance & facial expressions like real people. Gold Medalist explained that in order to preemptively prepare for the next-generation media market, Kim Soo-hyun’s digital human will be used in various industries such as entertainment, metaverse, cinema and advertising in the future.

Kim Soo-hyun digital human

Unlike conventional digital humans that have no external changes, Kim Soo-hyun’s digital humans, which can be operated without time and space constraints, will be produced to reflect Kim Soo-hyun’s actual physical changes such as skin, muscles and voice based on EVR Studio’s hyper-realistic digital expression technology.

EVR Studio, which is in charge of digital human production, is a company specialized in researching and developing digital humans that combine artificial intelligence (AI) since 2016 based on professionally-developed personnel, including Hollywood movie visual effects designers. They are known to be the only company in Korea that has the technology developed by themselves that automates scanning equipment and the processes of modeling and rigging.

Kim Soo-hyun digital human

Various digital humans have been produced in Korea so far, but this is the first time that a Hallyu star with a huge influence like Kim Soo Hyun became a digital human. Kim Soo-hyun’s agency said, “This new business is a significant project which will create new additional values by 3D scanning our artist and using the values as source IPs for digital content”, adding, “This is expected to create a sensation in the entertainment industry”.

Kim Soo-hyun digital human

In Hollywood, actors are already produced as digital humans and used in VFX (special effects) and various other fields. In the upcoming movie “The Matrix: Resurrections”, actor Keanu Reeves was also digitized to recreate his youth. In addition, Marvel heroes in their movies were also replaced by digital humans in the scenes that were difficult to actually be filmed with real acting.

Kim Soo-hyun digital human

Regarding this, Kim So-hyun’s agency said, “As the digital human market is growing rapidly, digital portrait rights along with digital content IP will be an important keyword in various industries that can utilize digital humans”, adding, “The digital human of our artist will bring more performances to the public with a different charm from that of the real human himself”.


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