Jimin’s Unforgettable On-Stage Accidents: Turning Mishaps into Charming Performances

Jimin (BTS) has had many instances of handling on-stage mishaps that have earned him the admiration of fans.

Recently, Jimin (BTS) officially released a solo product called Like Crazy from the album Face. As soon as the product was launched, the K-pop fan community gave the BTS member many positive reactions. Despite encountering some controversy, overall, Jimin delivered a quality product with a strong artistic touch to the viewers.

In addition to the noteworthy solo MV debut, fans also “dug up” some admirable moments of Jimin on stage when he faced on-stage incidents.

Slipping and falling on stage, but the audience thought it was a dance move

In early 2022, BTS reunited with their Korean fans through the concert Permission To Dance On Stage – Seoul. Jimin’s professional handling of an on-stage incident, in particular, received a lot of praise from the audience.

BTS Jimin

During the performance of the song Black Swan, Jimin, unfortunately, slipped and fell due to the slippery stage. Despite taking a painful fall, Jimin quickly turned the incident into a highlight in his performance. If not paying close attention, it would be hard to notice that the BTS member just encountered a rather painful incident while performing.

Falling and lying motionless, but enduring the pain to continue performing

During a performance as part of The Wings Tour 2017, Jimin experienced a painful incident on stage while performing Fire with BTS. Near the end of the performance, Jimin slipped and fell backward. The painful fall caused him to lie motionless and dazed. However, just a few seconds later, Jimin immediately stood up, suppressed the pain, and continued to execute the intense dance moves.

Falling and scraping his leg

BTS Jimin

In 2019, BTS held two concert nights in Chiba, Japan. Notably, BTS fans discovered Jimin’s injury while performing. The reason was that filming at shows in Japan was often prohibited, so fans could not capture the moment when Jimin got injured.

BTS Jimin

However, according to the audience present at the event, it is highly likely that Jimin fell on stage while performing the song Boy With Luv because it was raining at that time. Fans also noticed the male idol’s pants were torn at the knee from that point on.

Turning a wardrobe malfunction into a cute moment

On New Year’s Eve 2020, BTS appeared in Times Square (New York, USA) to perform at the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve festival. During the performance of Boy With Luv, while dancing enthusiastically, Jimin’s sparkling shirt accidentally flipped up and covered his head. Although he couldn’t hide his surprise, Jimin “took advantage” of this incident to turn it into a cute moment, making both BTS members and the audience laugh out loud.

Source: k14

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