Lovelyz appears as a whole group after a long time focusing on individual activities

Lovelyz, whose exclusive contract is about to expire, will appear as a whole group today (Oct 28th).

On the 27th, a video was posted on Playlist Muply’s Instagram account along with the caption “Random Q&A coming soon. Lovelyz”.  In the video, Lovelyz greeted fans according to the chant of leader BabySoul. 


BabySoul announced the group’s activity, “We will participate in Random Q&A.”  After that, Lovelyz said goodbye by sending a request to fans, “Please look forward to it.” In particular, what attracted everyone’s attention in the video was their return as a whole group after a long time. This is because Lovelyz has not made a comeback and has been on a hiatus for more than 1 year since their 7th mini album was released in September 2020.


Fans reacted enthusiastically to the complete Lovelyz that they have not seen in a long time and expressed their anticipation for the group’s comeback. “Random Q&A” featuring they as a whole group can be watched on the YouTube channel “MUPLY” at 8 p.m. today (Oct 28th).


Meanwhile, Lovelyz debuted on November 14, 2014 and established themselves as “innocent idols”. The fact that the group has not yet announced their contract renewal while having their contracts end in November this year is raising concerns among fans.



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