No:ze revealed her recent status five months after the “power abuse” controversy

No:ze (real name Noh Ji Hye, 26), a dancer who had been pretty quiet after her power abuse controversy, revealed her recent status in five months.

No:ze posted several of her recent photos without any special captions on Dec 20th. Acoording to the photo background, the photos appear to have been taken during her trip to Hollywood in the U.S.


No:ze, dressed in a unique design that reveals her shoulder line, poses on the street with the hood on. She also uploaded her selfie where she looks at the camera with an indifferent expression. This is No:ze’s first post in five months since July when she apologized through a handwritten letter regarding the controversy over power abuse.


In July, No:ze apologized after she was accused of abusing her power in relation to her SNS advertisement activity.

At the time, No:ze wrote in her letter, “I will not forget my current resolution and try to show a more mature and humble attitude in the future. Thank you, and I’m sorry again,” she apologized.

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Since then, No:ze had been on a self-reflection period. She recently drew attention by appearing on a pictorial of the magazine Your Vibe last month. At the time, No:ze said in an interview with the magazine, “These days, I’ve been doing things that I had only thought about and couldn’t easily challenge in the past. I went hiking to Inwang Mountain, and I am preparing for a driver’s license test that I have not yet obtained.”


In particular, she also expressed her fangirl heart for New Jeans, saying, “Their natural beauty shines as they dress up in a way that doesn’t seem like dressing up at all,” adding, “I often listen to ‘Hype Boy’ on good days or when I look out the window.”

Source: Mydaily

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