Most frustrating K-drama female lead of 2022: Terrible styling, no chemistry, controversial acting?

Ever since this K-drama started to air, there have been constant complaints that this female lead gets on the audience’s nerves

Reborn Rich” is doing extremely well with record-breaking viewership ratings, a gripping plot, and stunning acting chops from the cast members. However, to the audience, there is still a fatal flaw that attracts a lot of complaints, and that’s the appearance of the female lead Min Young, played by actress Shin Hyun Been

song joong ki shin hyun been reborn rich

Shin Hyun Been’s character was introduced as the female lead, yet for the first 8 episodes, she barely gets any screen time, and barely plays a role in moving the plot forward. Despite her character having gradually developed a relationship with Song Joong Ki’s character Do Jun over time, most viewers still find this love line too rushed, simply because of the lacking chemistry. 

Shin Hyun Bin Reborn Rich

In the 2nd half of the series, Min Young’s appearances are now more frequent, seeing that she can actually impact the battle between Do Jun and the Sunyang group. However, instead of being a well-developed character that can now assist her lover, or at least provide a sanctuary for Do Jun, she’s always shown being pouty in her relationship, at the same time staying mostly irrelevant to the actual battle. The result is that it becomes perfectly fine to skip all of this character’s screen time, and still understand what is going on. 

Shin Hyun Bin Reborn Rich

In addition to this female lead’s lack of presence, there have been not-so-positive comments regarding the styling of Shin Hyun Been and the actress’ acting style. In particular, when she and Song Joong Ki played university students, Shin Hyun Been was said to look much older, despite their characters being supposedly of the same age. Then, as the two characters enter adulthood, Shin Hyun Been starts to adopt a rather lack-luster style. From the makeup, the clothes, to the hairstyle – everything makes the actress look older than her age, and her character’s depressing and tired demeanor doesn’t help. While some audiences believe that such a styling is fitting of Shin Hyun Been’s character, a prosecutor buried in work, others contended that her looks appear more lifeless than headstrong, fearless, and determined like she is supposed to be. 

Shin Hyun Bin Reborn Rich

Moreover, “Reborn Rich” is not the first time Shin Hyun Been has been drowned in criticism. In fact, back when the actress was starring in “Hospital Playlist”, many have expressed their ire. However, unlike “Hospital Playlist” where Shin Hyun Been at least exuded great chemistry with her co-star Yoo Yeon Seok, her chemistry with Song Joong Ki is said to be evening less convincing than that of the actor with the second female lead. 

To the audience, Shin Hyun Been’s character is already badly written, but it can at least be remedied with a lively spirit, which the actress failed to convey. 

Overall, the love line in “Reborn Rich” is considered unnecessary to the drama, and many also commented that they’d rather seen Shin Hyun Been in fleeting romantic moments like in the 1st half rather than having her appear constantly without any purpose in the second half of the show. 

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