“Love and Leashes” male lead Lee Jun Young: A multi talented idol-turned actor, awesome real-life visuals 

Seohyun’s romantic partner in Love And Leashes is attracting much attention.

Love And Leashes” is Netflix’s latest film that digs into the topic of “dominance and submission” in a male-female relationship between two office co-workers. Prior to the movie’s release, Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun garnered the most attention in the cast, thanks to her popularity and attractive look in the teasers. Now that “Love and Leashes” has come out on Netflix, the male lead Lee Jun Young is also drawing keen attention.

Playing the role of an office worker with strange sexual interests, Lee Jun Young’s character in “Love and Leashes” has a basic styling. Starting out as an idol and debuting in “U-KISS,” Lee Jun Young is getting more well-known as an actor. 

Before “Love And Leashes,” the actor starred in many projects such as: Avengers Social Club, Goodbye to Goodbye, Please Don’t Date Him, Let Me Be Your Knight,… But most of the works where he played the lead did not achieve much success. So “Love And Leashes” promises to bring Lee Jun Young his big break. The idol-turned actor is attracting many fans because not only can he act, he also sings and dances well. In 2017, Lee Jun Young competed on KBS2’s idol survival show The Unit and excellently ranked 1st place in the finale. 

After watching Love and Leashes, most viewers were surprised upon finding out that Lee Jun Young was a member of U-KISS and the winner of The Unit:

  • Wait, he was a member of U-KISS?
  • He can act, sing and dance. Super talented. 
  • A member of U-KISS? No. 1 on The Unit? Wow!!!
  • He acts well and his chemistry with Seohyun is good. I hope he’ll hit bigger as an actor.
  • His acting is really nice. He has a great figure too. He deserves to be more popular. 
Love And Leashes
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