LOONA Heejin was caught in dating rumor with D1CE Woo Jinyoung, the agency responded

LOONA’s agency has just responded to this rumor.

Recently, dating rumors between Heejin (LOONA) and Woo Jinyoung (D1CE) have been hotly discussed on online community sites.

LOONA Heejin dating D1CE Woo Jinyoung

Accordingly, a photo of a man with blond hair is said to have been seen in the photo album when Heejin showed her iPad to fans. Moreover, a part of the audience confirmed that the password that LOONA used for her iPad in the recent livestream was “970531” – which is also Woo Jinyoung’s birthday (May 31, 1997).  Some netizens also emphasized that the two became close after Jinyoung participated in”MIXNINE”.

LOONA Heejin dating D1CE Woo Jinyoung

Netizens who saw this rumor responded, “Anyway, congratulations,” “There’s no doubt about it” “Both of them are pretty and handsome,” “There are many cases where idols get caught dating because of an iPad,” and “I hope they are happy with their relationship.”

LOONA Heejin dating D1CE Woo Jinyoung

However, on December 29, LOONA’s management agency officially denied this rumor, “Completely baseless. The two don’t know each other. The photo in the album is Heejin’s cousin.”  

LOONA Heejin dating D1CE Woo Jinyoung


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