BTS Jungkook and Jin, “No.1 stars who gave big gifts to their families”

BTS Jin and Jungkook were selected as the 1st place in “Stars who gave big gifts to their families”.

KBS2’s “Entertainment company Plus”, which aired on Sep 8th, depicted “Stars who gave big gifts to their families”.

Kang Dong Won

The first stars who gave big presents were actors Kang Dong-won and Jo In-sung. The two’s gifts had something in common. They gave cafes to their brothers and buildings to their parents. In particular, Kang Dong-won presented a building worth 1.2 billion won and handmade furniture. On top of that, the total amount of the buildings and houses Jo In-sung gave to his family was about 17.5 billion won.

Jo In Sung

No.7 is Seo In-guk. Seo In-guk, who debuted through “Superstar K”, received 100 million won in prize money at that time. He used this prize money specially. Seo In-guk once said, “I gave it all to my parents, but I know they haven’t used it yet.”

No.6 DinDin, who said he lived immaturely, was successful in terms of entertainment shows and gave his mother a card and an allowance of about 5 million won. When DinDin’s eldest sister was appointed as a professor, he gave her a luxury bag worth 7 million won. DinDin presented a car worth about 100 million won on Parents’ Day and his parents’ wedding anniversary.

Seo In-guk

Jo Kwon is a star that even Choi Jung-won, who has children, envies. Jo Kwon said he should have been successful for his family. Jo Kwon, who was active in numerous entertainment shows, had been on a roll by filming various advertisements. The first thing he did to his parents was “buying a house after 10 years”.

When asked about “the money he spent most pleasantly”, Jo Kwon confessed, “I bought a house. I purchased cars for both my dad and mom. And I bought them a lot of bags whenever I went abroad.”

2am jo kwon

No.4 is Kim Jong-kook, who bought an apartment in Anyang worth about 800 million won where his parents are currently living. Kim Jong-kook was also an affectionate son who did not miss travel chances with his parents in his spare time.

No.3 is Kim Jun-su, a great son who grew up well. He gave his parents a 87-pyeong townhouse worth 1.8 billion won in Paju. As soon as you enter, you can see the overwhelmingly large garden. In the underground space, there is a karaoke room, an album warehouse, a mini bar that does not require eating out and a play area.

kim jong kook thumbnail

The second place is Park Se-ri, who bought 500 pyeong of land with her father under the joint name. She said, “I have no reservations nor regret about what I did for my parents.”

Park Se-ri, who toured abroad 6~7 years before retirement, purchased a house where her brother and sister are living together.

entertainment company plus bts jongkook thumbnail

The long-awaited No.1 stars are BTS Jungkook and Jin. BTS, which earned 94.6 billion won in terms of concerts alone in the first half of the year, showed a different level of gifts for their family members.

Jungkook’s gift to his older brother became a hot topic. Jungkook purchased an apartment in Yongsan for about 2.9 billion won in 2019, and the recent trading price was 4 billion won. He gave it to his brother after one year of purchase.

entertainment company plus

BTS’ oldest member Jin has purchased 2 apartments in Hannam-dong since 2018 and bought a 60-pyeong apartment for 4.2 billion won, then gave all the shares of the apartment to his parents. The current market price has reached 5.4 billion won.

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