A male idol couldn’t look ahead at SOPA graduation ceremony today, here’s why 

A video of this male idol’s high school graduation ceremony is drawing attention.

On Feb 9th, the graduation ceremony of Seoul Performing Arts High School was held in the morning. A video of the graduates taken at the ceremony is drawing attention online. In the video, graduates who received the special achievement award are called to come up to the podium.

Park Jeong-woo graduate

As a male graduate stepped onto the podium, cheers erupted from the auditorium seats. A loud voice chanting “JjeongJjeongie” filled the auditorium.

Park Jeong-woo graduate

The person who received loud cheers was TREASURE’s Park Jeongwoo. TREASURE members who visited Jeongwoo’s graduation ceremony shouted “JjeongJjeong (Jeongwoo’s nickname)”, “Dance”, “Jeongwoo, Jikjin (TREASURE’s song)”, “Jeongwoo, you should look ahead”, “I’ll buy you something delicious”, etc. 

Jeongwoo laughed while covering his mouth as if he was embarrassed by TREASURE members. A photo of the graduation ceremony, which was released on the same day, also showed Jeongwoo covering his face with the letter of commendation with his head bowed in the warm cheers of TREASURE members, drawing laughter.

On the same day, not only TREASURE’s Jeongwoo, but IVE’s Jang Wonyoung, Cherry Bullet’s Remi, and many other idol idols also graduated from SOPA.

Lightsum graduate
Yeseul graduate

Meanwhile, TREASURE is a multinational idol group belonging to YG that debuted in 2020. It was originally a 12-member group, but after members Mashiho and Bang Yedam left the group, TREASURE was reorganized into a 10-member group. It consists of 8 Korean members and 2 Japanese members. They gained popularity by releasing songs such as ‘JIKJIN’, ‘DARARI’, and ‘HELLO’.

Source: wikitree

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