BABYMONSTER Ruka started sobbing on-camera: “All my friends have gone to college and helping out their families…” 

BABYMONSTER Ruka’s introduction video gave a glimpse into the uncertainty of being an idol trainee. 

After the dance performance video, YG continued introducing BABY MONSTER to the public through a series of introduction videos with the first one being Ruka. The 7-minute video titled “BABYMONSTER – Introducing RUKA” brought the first glance into the difficult training process of the idol during her training period. 

The impressive visual of Ruka 

As a capable rapper of BABYMONSTER, Ruka was serious with her training. She demonstrated great diction, accurate pronuncation of Korean words and was capable of writing her own rap. Apart from rapping, she also focused on dancing and singing through intense practices. Hence, Ruka’s singing voice and dance moves received a lot of praise. With such a professional training, Ruka was ready for debut. 

Ruka is a Japanese member who joined YG in 2018. She has had five years of training and got the chance to debut at 20, becoming the oldest in the group. Her training period was the same as that of Rosé, allowing her to have a well-rounded skillset. 

She joined YG in 2018 

In the documentary about her journey, when asked about her feelings becoming 20, Ruka started sobbing and shared the road she was pursuing: “I’m 20 years old, but I feel like… All my friends have gone to college and they’re helping out their families.” Netizens sympathized with her of how cruel the industry can be to the trainees who have yet the chance to debut.

Ruka cried, feeling “time has stopped” when she could not help out her family 

Netizens’ reactions: 

  •  Ruka can take on so many different images. She can even rap and dance. Kawai Ruka was born for the stage. 
  • Ruka has the charisma. She can even dance and write her own rap verses. 
  • I felt for her when she confessed about her struggle.
Best wishes to Ruka and BABYMONSTER in the future! 

Source: k14

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