Lisa is the last member of BLACKPINK to have teaser photo as beautiful as sexy as Rosé!

The BLACKPINK maknae has brought a lovely and also charming image in the new teaser. 

At 9 a.m. (KST) on August 26, YG released Lisa’s teaser photo for the countdown “D-2”. Thus, she is the last member of BLACKPINK in the individual poster series promoting single Ice Cream in collaboration with Selena Gomez.

Lisa is still loyal to the black hair color from How You Like That, but her hair is longer now and is cute double-bun half up hairstyle, making her look more beautiful as a doll. The Thai female idol wears an eye-catching red and black outfit, and the half-wearing shirt also shows off her sexy body.

After seeing Lisa’s photo, it is undoubted that this time BLACKPINK will make a comeback with a bright and cute image of “Pink”, but why is the maknae sexy like this? Not only Lisa, but Rosé is also transformed into a sexy style, showing off her body in the teaser photo. Meanwhile, Jisoo and Jennie are discreet, this time BLACKPINK will be divided into two teams or something?

Currently, fans are waiting for YG to release Selena Gomez’s photo as the last individual poster promoting the single Ice Cream. Through the impressive images of the BLACKPINK members, fans are even more eager to see the new image of the American female singer. Will she be in a sweet and cute or sexy style, let’s look forward to the next teasers from now until the MV is released on August 28!

Sources: k14

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