6 Korean dramas considered the worst in 2022 in terms of ratings: Red Velvet Joy’s drama sadly entered the list

Here are the dramas with the lowest ratings of the past year.

2022 is coming to an end, this is a successful year for Korean dramas. Besides the successful blockbusters in terms of reputation, there are still many dramas that record sad numbers in terms of viewership.

1. Sponsor (0,5%)


Sponsor‘ has been in controversy since before it aired because of the male lead’s scandal. Therefore, when it aired, the drama only received a rating of 0.4 – 1.1%. The drama revolves around 4 young people working together to make a plan to find sponsors to satisfy their passions and desires. In it, Sun Woo is a famous photographer who always wants revenge, Chae Rin is a talented and ambitious CEO, Da Son is a rising star who is willing to do anything to become more famous, and Seung Hoon is a young model with a harsh life.

2. The One And Only (0,5%)

the one and only

The One And Only is a drama starring the beautiful female idol Joy (Red Velvet). Many people were concerned about the drama before it was released since Joy had received a lot of criticism about her poor acting. Her acting skill then obviously got into controversy when the drama was broadcast. In terms of content, The One And Only has a humanistic idea, about the journey to find the meaning of life of 3 women suffering from incurable diseases. The delivery, however, is not particularly appealing, which causes the total drama to become cliché. With this situation, the drama barely received 0–2%, turning it into a nightmare for JTBC this year.

the one and only

3. Becoming Witch (0,7%)

Becoming Witch

Becoming Witch is a film that is considered to have a poor script. Becoming Witch revolves around 3 women in their 40s, their lives are extremely boring as everything goes wrong. They gathered and are forced to make life-changing decisions.

4. A Superior Day (0,8%)

a superior day

A Superior Day” is an OCN crime and thriller series that marks the comeback of supporting actor Jin Goo from the television series “Descendants of the Sun.” Drama ratings are just around 1%, and the comments on it are not very encouraging either. The audience feels sorry for Jin Goo’s acting and the talented cast.

5. Love Is For Suckers (0,8%)

Love is for Suckers

Love Is For Suckers is a drama starring popular idol Choi Siwon and “plastic surgery queen” Lee Da Hee. The drama’s storyline is not terrible, but the delivery lacks creativity, which prevents Love Is For Suckers from having an impact on the viewer.

6. Unlock the Boss (0,8%)

unlock the boss

Recently, Unlock the Boss aired on the ENA channel and only received a 0.8% rating. Drama has a distinctive storyline that focuses on a brilliant CEO who is being pursued by a killer. His soul is sucked into a smartphone. This phone later fell into the hands of Park In Sung (Chae Jong Hyeop) a young man from a poor background. In Sung makes a quick spiritual connection with the CEO and decides to try to find a way to save him.

Source: K14

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