Lee Young-ae’s Efforts Went To Waste As ‘Maestra: Strings of Truth’ Went On The Path Of Cheesy Korean Dramas

The tvN Saturday-Sunday drama “Maestra: Strings of Truth” is a waste of Lee Young-ae’s efforts as it became immersed in a criminal search game rather than the main character’s growth story.

“Maestra: Strings of Truth” was compared with “Beethoven Virus” starring Kim Myung-min even before the show aired. Both of them are music dramas with a conductor as the main character. Lee Young-ae said at the drama’s press conference, “I prepared for Cha Se-eum, one of the only 5% female conductors in the world, over a year,” expressing strong confidence. “I have confidence in this production. You can look forward to it.” As she said, she practiced not only conducting but also acting playing the violin. Since November last year, she has been practicing conducting, and learned the songs written in the script two to three times a week. She also said that she once fell ill because she needed a lot of physical strength while practicing conducting.

Lee Young-ae, who transformed into a conductor, showed off her strong charisma from her first appearance. On top of that, costumes that use strong colors and various materials added to the fans’ interest. She threw off her elegant image and turned into a cool-headed who did not hesitate to criticize. On top of that, actors with strong acting skills, such as Lee Moo-saeng and Kim Young-jae, strongly supported Lee in this drama.

The favorable reviews did not last long, however. Audiences liked and disliked the drama after the fourth episode, as elements ranging from an affair to an extramarital pregnancy and a terminal illness were added. Some viewers expressed disappointment, saying, “The storyline ruined the drama’s good original material.”

In this process, the amount of stories about Philharmonie and Maestra was reduced, and drugs and murder crimes were the centerpiece. Then, the drama naturally became “Who is the true culprit of the case?” rather than “The growth of the main character and the band.”

Maestra was forgotten and only the killer was centered. It started with Lee Young-ae, but the last main character became Hwang Bo-reum-byeol.

Source: TenAsia

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