BLACKPINK on the pages of TIME magazine: The girls boast individual uniqueness in brand new Sandy Liang and SHUSHU/TONG collections  

The  members breathe a new life into these outfits, adding the charm and allure to the look. 

blackpink time magazine
BLACKPINK was chosen “Entertainer of the Year” for the first time in the “TIME” magazine. (Image: TIME) 

Instead of luxury items from high-end brands Dior, Chanel, Saint Laurent or Celine, for this magazine photoshoot, BLACKPINK opted for outfits from other fashion brands, namely SHUSHU/TONG and Sandy Liang. 

For this appearance, Lisa turned heads with a brown top with circle cut-out from the 2023 Spring Summer Collection of Sandy Liang. The sensational outfit embraced Lisa’s proportion and captured viewers’ attention. 

blackpink lisa time magazine
Lisa in the brown cutout top by Sandy Liang. (Image: TIME) 
blackpink lisa outfit time magazine
Lisa wore the outfit like a model on a runway. (Image: Sandy Liang) 

Rosé wore a white babydoll dress from the latest collection of Sandy Liang, boasting a pure and princess-like image for this magazine shooting. 

blackpink rose outfit time magazine
Rosé showed off her pure sweetness in the babydoll outfit designed by Sandy Liang. (Image: Instagram @blackpinks.style4)
blackpink rose outfit time magazine
She gave an unique feel to the outfit. (Image: Sandy Liang) 

Sandy Liang’s outfit for Jennie was a see-through black dress with leg warmers and a pair of slim bandeau worth 1.450 USD. Jennie also boasted her charms with a two-piece floral outfit from SHUSHU/TONG. 

blackpink jennie time magazine
Jennie flaunted her seductiveness in Sandy Liang’s design. (Image: TIME) 
blackpink jennie outfit time magazine
She complemented the outfit with leg warmers and Chanel shoes to add style to the look. (Image: Instagram @blackpinks.style4)
blackpink jennie outfit time magazine
Some felt she wore the outfit better than the original models. (Image: Sandy Liang) 
blackpink jennie time magazine
Jennie captivated attention with SHUSHU/TONG’s floral dress. (Image: TIME) 
blackpink jennie outfit time magazine
The outfit on the runway model. (Image: SHUSHU/TONG)

 For Jisoo, SHUSHU/TONG dressed her in a beaded gray minidress with a bow to finish the look. Jisoo’s curly hair added a cinematic feel to her image in the magazine. The minidress is worth 665USD. 

blackpink jisoo time magazine
Jisoo swooned with her nostalgic image: curly hair and beaded minidress. (Image: TIME) 
blackpink jisoo outfit time magazine
Her outfit costs 665USD with a classic feel to its design. (Image: Instagram @blackpinks.style4)
blackpink jisoo outfit time magazine
SHUSHU/TONG design on the original model. (Image: SHUSHU/TONG) 
blackpink time magazine thumbnail
BLACKPINK left a powerful image in their first TIME magazine appearance. (Image: TIME) 

Source: Yan News

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