Disclosure post regarding Celebrity A “Suspected of neglecting dog, barking all day in an empty house”

A controversy has arisen over a disclosure post alleging that famous celebrity A has been neglecting their dog, causing distress due to noise

In the early morning of March 4th, author B uploaded a post titled “I can’t live because of the noise of a famous celebrity’s dog. What should I do?” through an online community.

Author B expressed frustration, “I feel like I’m going crazy because of the noise from the dog of a famous celebrity living downstairs. Since moving into the downstairs apartment in June last year, the dog barks almost every day. It barks incessantly day and night, despite numerous complaints to the security office about the noise.


Furthermore, they lamented, “Every time I complain through the security office, they apologize and promise to find a solution, but even after 8 months, there has been no improvement.” They claimed, “The owner is hardly ever home, and even when they are, there seems to be no intention to alleviate the situation. When the dog howls as if it’s in agony, and when we try to contact the owner through the security office, it seems suspicious that the owner is not at home all day, leaving the dog alone.”

They also expressed anger, “It’s even more infuriating to see them treat the dog like a treasure on TV. Because of this, whenever I try to rest because I’m mentally exhausted, I’m constantly anxious about whether the dog will bark again.”

Author B confessed their dilemma, “I’m considering filing a lawsuit because the noise hasn’t improved, but thinking about having to go to court makes me hesitate due to the cost and time.”

Finally, they added, “Since June, I’ve occasionally recorded the noise and informed the security office of the current situation several times, although I’m not sure if this will be evidence.”

The veracity of the post has not been confirmed. Inter-floor noise is emerging as a social issue, and its severity is increasing. Regarding this, netizens expressed opinions such as “They probably have a lot of money, so they should send the dog to kindergarten or provide training” and “I hope it’ll be resolved.”

However, concerns have been raised about the recent trend of disclosure posts, which led to unwarranted accusations against celebrities.

Source: daum

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