A famous actor spotted in black and pink outfit at BLACKPINK’s concert. Who is he?

A male actor, who is active in movies and dramas, appeared at BLACKPINK’s concert wearing the same dress code.

BLACKPINK held ‘BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORNPINK] SEOUL’ at KSPO DOME, Olympic Park, Seoul on the 15th and 16th.

BLACKPINK Seoul concert

On the 15th, several stars visited the site to see BLACKPINK. On the other hand, a famous male actor was also seen at the scene.

The main character is none other than Park Bo-gum.

According to fans at the scene, Park Bo-gum appeared wearing a pink hoodie and black jersey and pants. Fans’ attention was focused at once on his appearance in the black and pink outfit. 

After the concert, photos and videos of Park Bo-gum on the way home from the concert were also released through various social media plartforms.

Fans who saw this showed reactions such as, “You’re completely BLACKPINK,” “The dress code is perfect,” and “You’re handsome even though your face was covered.”

The reason Park Bo-gum visited BLACKPINK’s concert seems to have been that Park Bo-gum and Lisa earlier attended the fashion show of ‘Celine’ together.

The two attended the show with BTS V, and the meeting of world stars drew attention.

lisa bts v bo gum

Meanwhile, after the Seoul concert, BLACKPINK will head to North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania to perform a world tour that attracts 1.5 million viewers, the largest number of fans for a K-pop girl group ever.

The North American concerts series will be held 14 times in a total of seven cities, including Houston, Atlanta, Hamilton, Chicago, Newark, and LA, starting with Dallas on October 25 and 26.

Source: Insight

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