K-netizens In Awe With ITZY Ryujin’s Cuteness In First Selfie She Has Ever Taken 

This cute photo of Ryujin is going viral on Korean online forums

On September 20, a netizen made a post on the popular Korean online community Nate Pann, praising Ryujin’s cuteness.

The netizen attached a photo of Ryujin as a kid, claiming it was the first selfie the idol has ever taken in her life. This netizen also said that Ryujin’s stubborn look was exactly like hers now.

In addition, the netizen compiled some of Ryujin’s current selfies, praising her face and skin.

In the comments, many Internet users show their agreement.

Original post: Pann Nate

Some of the comments include,

“She looks super confident, her face looks natural also”

“So pretty, how can Shin Ryujin be perfect since birth like that”

“Am I the online one who thinks she has Han Hyo-Jo’s vibe?”

“Natural beauties are the best”

As October 3, the original post has gathered approximately 31,000 views and more comments are pouring in.

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