Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae confirmed to become a couple in upcoming rom-com drama “Shooting Star”

In the drama, the two main characters will have a love-hate relationship.

tvN’s upcoming drama “Shooting Star” tells the story of individuals who work behind the scenes of the entertainment industry. They are called “people who clean up the mess celebrities leave behind”, shedding blood, sweat and tears to ensure the top stars can shine.

Kim Young Dae will play Gong Tae Sung, the face of Star Force Entertainment, an A-list star of this era and a legend in K-Drama history. With a shining visual and intimidating aura that makes others jealous, Gong Tae Sung has never been involved in any rumors for more than a decade. But despite his polite look, the male lead has a hidden side full of twists and turns.

Shooting Star

Lee Sung Kyung will play Oh Han Byul, the public relations team leader of Star Force Entertainment. She is born with superb speaking skills and is excellent at responding to crises. Thanks to that, Oh Han Byul dominates the industry in all aspects. However, she always quarrels with Gong Tae Sung.

Shooting Star

“Shooting Star” produced by Studio Dragon will begin filming at the end of September.


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