Han Ga In, who just opened SNS today, “the agency will come steal my phone”

Famous actress Han Ga In is already showing her humor via her newly-opened Instagram account 

On September 8th, Han Ga In posted several videos and photos on her SNS along with the caption, “Instagram concept = Humorstagram, BH will come steal my phone soon”. Here, BH refers to the actress’ agency, BH Entertainment. 

In a published photo, Han Ga In can be seen doing the “Asian squat” at a subway station. Meanwhile, another photo shows the actress crouching over a chair as if exhausted. While the pictures were taken with a humorous concept, Han Ga In’s beauty still can’t be hidden, drawing admiration.

On the same day, Han Ga In created her first SNS account and started to communicate with fans, drawing attention for her contrasting charms, from chic to hilarious. 

Meanwhile, Han Ga In will appear on the SBS audition program “Sing For Gold” (literal translation), which will be broadcasted for the first time on September 25th. 

Source: nate

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