Park Joon Hyung startled after seeing IU’s dress at Baeksang, “Someone should lift your dress strap up”

g.o.d Park Joon Hyung made everyone laugh with his comment on IU’s recent post.

On April 29th, IU released several photos on her Instagram account with the caption “Baeksang Arts Awards”.

In the released pictures, IU showed off her elegant beauty in a graceful pure white dress. In particular, one strap of her dress was falling down her shoulder, maximizing her charms even more. Flaunting a swan-like visual, IU gazed at the camera with a bright smile, fluttering the hearts of male fans.

IU Baeksang dress instagram

In response to IU’s photos, fans commented, “I thought a fairy had come down from the sky”, “Cute or sexy, please do only one thing at a time”, “This seems to be her best dress fit ever”, etc.

In addition, actress Lee Se Young and god member Park Joon Hyung left comments, drawing keen attention.

IU Baeksang dress instagram

Lee Se Young commented, “I want to meet you in person♡♡”. Park Jin Hyung wrote, “Yooo~ As expected! What a shining little angel! Someone should lift your dress strap up. But you’re still so cool! Congrats!!! BBBAAAMMM!!!”.

Meanwhile, the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards, IU was nominated for Best New Actress for her flm “Broker” and won TikTok Popularity Award.

Source: Insight

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