Lee Sung Jong reveals his shocking 180cm-49kg body, “I eat two meals a day with eggs, soy milk and red ginseng”

Singer Lee Sung Jong, a member of the group Infinite, talked about his weight.

Infinite Lee Sung Jong guested on the broadcast of SBS PowerFM radio “Cultwo Show” on February 3rd. He honestly shared, “Since I’ve come to ‘Cultwo Show’, I will reveal this for the first time”.

Lee Sung Jong added, “I gained weight and reached 54kg when I came to the radio last week. I’m into cycling these days. I often ride from Sangam to Apgujeong. I ride all day long. But it makes me sweat a lot and lose my appetite.”

Lee Sung-jong

When DJ Kim Tae Kyun asked, “How many kilos do you weigh at the moment?”, Lee Sung Jong cautiously replied, “I’m 49kg”. Kim Tae Kyun reacted, “You are tall, right?”, the male singer said, “I’m almost 180cm tall”.

Lee Sung Jong continued, “I will try to gain more weight from now on. I worked out hard but didn’t eat”, adding “I eat one or two meals a day. But I have an egg, one pack of soy milk, one pack of red ginseng and drink lots of water”.

Source: daum

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