The 14-year-old center of IZ*ONE glared at the older member and was criticized for being a fake person

In the group’s new show, the female idol showed her controversial moments.

In the first episode of the reality show called IZONE CHU, the group’s center Jang Won Young suddenly attracted attention for showing her “anger” at the older member, Ahn Yoo Jin.

Specifically, during the photo shoot preparing for the COLORIZ debut album, Yoo Jin was wearing a strip that was somewhat different from the other members. Yoo Jin was very excited, felt like a leader and joked: “I’m the leader. Don’t upset me.” In fact, Kwon Eun Bi is the leader chosen by 12 members of IZONE.

Won Young (right) revealed her sarcasm with Yoo Jin.

When everyone laughed at Yoo Jin’s joking behavior, the audience noticed that Won Young had a different attitude. She looked at Yoo Jin with sarcasm, smirking coldly but quickly turned away and blinked to relieve the discomfort. Then Won Young was found pretending to laugh with Yoo Jin, but when turning away, she showed cold expression.

Won Young imitated Lee Dae Hwi’s movements.

Jang Won Young’s attitude made many fans confused and question over the “underground competition” between the two idols of Starship Entertainment. Before that, when participating in the survival show Produce48, two trainees were close. They have shared photos showing their going together or revealing intimacy many times.

Ahn Yoo Jin and Jang Won Young pretended to be close when they come from the same management company.
Two female idols had many couple moments. Yoo Jin was born in 2003, one year older than Won Young.

This is not the first time that Jang Won Young has been involved in attitude scandals. The idol, born in 2004, has caused a lot of controversy when becoming the winner in Produce48 and becoming the center of IZ*ONE. She also received criticism for lack of respect for sunbaenim. In particular, in the last episode on August 30th, Won Young imitated Lee Dae Hwi (Wanna One) in Nayana. Many people think that the winner of Produce48 has over-mimicked, just like an act of ridiculing, even making Dae Hwi upset while he was sitting to see the performance.

Despite the controversy in the Kpop fan community, IZ*ONE still performed well in their debut. The group’s song, “La Vie en Rose”, surpassed 10 million views on YouTube in just 4 days.

IZ*ONE performed “La Vie en Rose” for the first time on the showcase stage.

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