JYP’s rookie girl group suddenly turned the tables after a month of debut: Will they achieve great results like their senior TWICE?

After a period of active promotion, NMIXX’s digital music achievements have completely changed.

It’s already 1 month since NMIXX’s debut. When the group released the song O.O on February 22nd, they received extremely poor digital achievements, the seeming blockbuster debut turned into a somewhat flop.

O.O’s poor achievement after debut
NMIXX’s debut song was not received as expected

However, although the group’s debut song did not receive many positive responses and was criticized for being difficult to listen to, NMIXX is still a very hot rookie name, and all promotional activities have attracted great attention from the public. Thanks to that, O.O is witnessing an impressive comeback on Korean music charts, NMIXX has saved itself from a conspicuous failure.

And these are the current record, proving O.O had an impressive return

According to feedback from Knets, there are two main reasons for this change. The first is that O.O is difficult to listen to at first, but it does grow on you if you hear it many times enough.

The other reason remains unchanged, saying that this song is not good, but it is NMIXX’s good performance that holds everyone back. The group is very active in promotional activities, extremely active in singing live, which is a big plus point in the eyes of Knets. They also sing live very well, showing off their incredible vocal ability, gaining more love from everyone.

NMIXX digital music achievements
Thanks to their remarkable strength, NMIXX turned the tables
  • I watched the choreography video and really liked it, so I watched the group’s fancam. Surprisingly, the girls sang live so well so I searched for more of their videos.
  • I really liked the song so I kept listening to it.
  • These girls are really good at singing live. That’s why I really enjoy listening to the group’s stages.
  • I got addicted to this song after listening to it a few times.
  • I hope next time JYP will give the group a better song.
  • NMIXX’s live performance is so good, while the song itself is not good at all. Looking forward to the group’s next song.
  • Honestly, this song only climbed to #50 because they’re JYP’s girl group. But I have to admit that the members are all very pretty, and dance and sing well too, that’s why I keep listening to this song.

The senior in the same company as NMIXX, TWICE, also had a not-so-explosive debut with Like Ooh-Ahh. However, at the first comeback, the group had the national hit Cheer Up, which is familiar to any Kpop fans. With the current positive signal of NMIXX, maybe the group will also create such a miracle. With a proven lineup of talent in their hands, what NMIXX lacks is now just a good song.

NMIXX digital music achievements
Their debut was not very successful but TWICE was soon promoted to the top girl group in Kpop with the super hit Cheer Up
NMIXX digital music achievements
Possessing outstanding beauty and talent, NMIXX is completely capable of digesting any song. If there is a more catchy song in the future, maybe NMIXX will change the situation and make a hit?
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