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Lee Su Hyun shocked to see Lee Chan Hyuk doing heart pose with Lee Sung Kyung

AKMU Suhyun was surprised at Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung’s heart pose.

Actress Lee Sung Kyung guested on KBS 2TV’s music talk show “The Seasons – AKMU”, which aired the first episode on September 1st.

That day, Lee Sung Kyung said, “It’s my honor to be the guest for the first episode hosted by AKMU. I’m very nervous right now because meeting the audience like this is not something familiar to me. I’m really trembling”.

akmu Suhyun

Revealing her whereabouts, the actress shared, “After ‘Dr. Romantic 3’ ended, I met my fans through an Asia fanmeeting tour. It was such an honorable and precious experience.”

Lee Sung Kyung added, “Since I like the song ‘Hype Boy’ so much, I practiced it a lot”. She then performed a duet of NewJeans’ “Hype Boy” with Lee Chan Hyuk and even made a heart pose together at the end of the performance.

akmu Suhyun

Surprised to see the scene, Lee Su Hyun said, “We’ve been active together for 10 years but this is the first time I saw him do a heart pose. I’m really shocked. So my brother can really do heart poses”.

Source: Daum

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