Lee Seung-gi and Lee Se-young’s ‘The Law Cafe’, First Script Reading Released

Lee Seung-gi and Lee Se-young’s ‘The Law Cafe’ will be unveiled in August.

KBS2’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘The Law Cafe‘ has been confirmed for its first broadcast on August 29th. At the same time, the script reading scene, where the main actors who will lead the drama, such as Lee Seung-gi, Lee Se-young, Kim Nam-hee, and Jo Han-cheol, were gathered, was released.

lee seung gi lee se young

The drama is based on the popular web novel of the same name. It depicts the story of Kim Jeong Ho, a former prosecutor who is now a building owner, and Kim Yu Ri, a lawyer with a 4-D personality. The story will focus on the events surrounding a law firm that also runs as a cafe.

First of all, Lee Seung-gi takes on the role of Kim Jeong-ho, a former prosecutor who was called a monster genius. Lee Se-young plays Kim Yu Ri, a lawyer who has a beautiful appearance but is not hesitant to show her fiery personality when witnessing injustice. 

lee seung gi lee se young

Kim Nam-hee, who has left a good impression in the hearts of audiences through blockbusters like tvN’s ‘Mr. Sunshine’ and Netflix’s ‘Sweet Home’, plays the role of Kim Jung-ho’s cousin and psychiatrist Park Woo-jin.

Kim Seul-gi takes on the role of Han Se-yeon, a police officer who is the leader of Kim Jung-ho and Kim Yu-ri’s best friend group ‘Seoyeon High School Quadruple’. Oh Dong-min takes on the role of Do Jin-gi, an Italian restaurant chef and also a member of ‘Seoyeon High School Quadruple’. The two with the main couple of the drama will together show off their extraordinary acting skills.

lee seung gi lee se young

In addition, Jo Han-cheol plays Lee Pyun-woong, the CEO of Dohan Construction; Jeon Guk-hwan plays the representative of the Dohan Group; Jeon No-min plays Kim Seung-woon, Kim Jeong-ho’s father and also the chief of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office; Kim Won-hae plays representative Hwang of Hwang & Koo’s law firm; Hwang Young-hee as Song Ok-ja, Kim Yu-ri’s mother; and Jang Hye-jin as Kim Cheon-daek, the owner of Happy Super. The cast is raising expectations for the drama with their passionate performances.

lee seung gi lee se young

The production team said, “The series will give you a funny and close vibe of a close-up romance with a 17-year-old who knows how to ‘love according to the law’”.”We hope that the audience will all enjoy the drama.”

‘Love According To The Law’ will be aired on August 29 at 9:50PM.

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