The hidden message from “The Witch” series: Environment can change one’s nature 

Here is the message that applies to all films in “The Witch” series.

According to an explanation from director Park Hoon-jung of “The Witch” series, the male lead of “The Witch” Goo Ja-yoon is different from Hollywood heroes and she is an evil person who uses her ability without hesitation. 

The Witch

Accordingly, Goo Ja-yoon in the movie is a character that was created completely based on the theory that says human nature is fundamentally evil. In addition, the main goal of the movie was to prove that a person’s nature can possibly change depending on the environment and surrounding people, which is also the philosophy of the mentioned theory.

The Witch 2

The appearance of characters surrounding Goo Ja-yoon, including her adoptive parents, who suffer from a leg injury and Alzheimer’s, and her cheerful best friend Myung-hee, hinted at the possibility of such a change.


The same applies to Prince, Mr. Choi, Dr. Baek, etc. These characters all have different personalities because they were from different environments. In addition, this message can also be found in “The Witch 2”.

Source: daum

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